Face masks

Since early April, I have been making face masks for friends and family and then as a service for neighbours in the wider community.

If you have reached this page directly it probably means I have sent you this link following a request you sent me. Welcome. I hope you also enjoy browsing the rest of the site.

Pleated masks


In a pleated design, with a flexible aluminium strip over the nose and an internal pocket for filter if required, these masks are both comfortable and protective, I believe they are also beautiful and elegant, sewn with care and with high quality standards.
Photo 22-06-2020, 11 28 52.jpg


The masks come in two sizes:
  • the larger size is about 22cm across and is comfortable for most adults
  • the smaller size is about 18cm across and is designed for younger faces aged about 11+ but would also be suitable for adults who would like a smaller, snugger fit
If you would like a smaller mask for an adult please let me know and I will make the elastic a bit longer.


All masks are made in either 100% cotton or a mix of polyester and cotton. They are secured around the ears with a soft, lycra-free elastic about 5mm wide.
They come in a range of patterns but please be aware that not all are suitable for both large and small sizes because of the direction of the pattern.
I would also be honoured to make you a mask from a favourite fabric of yours or an off-cut from a special outfit to create a matching set.

Abstract - large size only

Abstract - large and small sizes

Natural - large size only

Natural - large and small sizes

Harry Potter - A small selection of fabrics is available for Harry Potter fans, both young and old


You can also choose the option of having a decorative edging in a matching ribbon. I have many colours of ribbon available (not just those in the image) and would choose one to match and enhance the fabric.
If you would like a ribbon edging please let me know, otherwise I will keep it plain and simple.
Ribbon edging



If your child enjoys self-expression, why not let them draw on their mask?
I have developed, tried and tested a new double-sided blank mask ready for your creative kids to draw and display their very own designs. And when the mask is washed, the drawing disappears ready for their next creative surge.
Photo 22-07-2020, 20 44 26.jpg
Photo 22-07-2020, 19 52 16.jpg
Photo 22-07-2020, 20 45 22.jpg
The Design-a-masks are made from a soft cream crease-resistant polycotton. As with the pleated masks, these masks also have a flexible aluminium strip over the nose and an internal pocket for filter if required, soft lycra-free elastic and all the comfort and protection of their colourful cousins.
You can use your own washable markers or I can supply a 12-pack of Crayola Supertips as part of your order at a price of £3 per pack. 
The pens we used in the photos above are fully washable Crayola Supertips, which I thoroughly recommend. This image is the same mask after being worn, washed at 40 degrees and tumble-dried.

Prices and Payment

The price for the pleated masks is £8 per mask, regardless of size or edging.
The design-a-masks are £7 per mask or £10 as a set with washable pens.


Payment can be paid by cash if collection or delivery is direct. Alternatively I can accept PayPal or bank transfer. I will send you details when your order is ready.


Depending on demand, your order should be ready in a couple of days.


Delivery is free locally to Minchinhampton. You could also collect from the wonderful Kitchen tearooms in Minchinhampton High Street.
Alternatively you are welcome to collect from my studio at Priory Cottage in the middle of town.
If you are ordering from further afield, please contact me to discuss postage.


To order your masks, simply contact me and let me know the following:
  • the design (pleated or design-a-mask)
  • if pleated, the fabricsize (don't forget, not all fabrics are available in both sizes) and whether you would like a decorative edging
  • your payment preferences
  • collection, delivery or postage preferences.
I will confirm your request and might come back to you with a couple of questions.
I will then let you know when your new mask is ready.
Happy choosing!
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Wearing a non-medical mask contributes to reducing the risk of the virus spreading to others.

It does not replace the need for social distancing and good hand hygiene.



Maura B, Avening

Thank you soooo much for the beautiful face masks. I shall feel quite glam now around & about, can’t wait to wear it!

You are very clever & I love the pretty trim you chose.

You have certainly made “a virtue out of necessity”.

Once again thank you so very much.


Ann H. Minchinhampton

Perfect duck mask thank you. It is on its way to my school friend in Northumberland to cheer her up.