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Face masks

Since early April, I have been making face masks for friends and family and then as a service for neighbours in the wider community.

If you have reached this page directly it probably means I have sent you this link following a request you sent me. Welcome. I hope you also enjoy browsing the rest of the site.
Pleated masks

Pleated masks


In a pleated design, with a flexible aluminium strip over the nose and an internal pocket for filter if required, these masks are both comfortable and protective, I believe they are also beautiful and elegant, sewn with care and with high quality standards.
Photo 22-06-2020, 11 28 52.jpg


The masks come in two sizes:
  • the larger size is about 22cm across and is comfortable for most adults
  • the smaller size is about 18cm across and is designed for younger faces aged about 11+ but would also be suitable for adults who would like a smaller, snugger fit
If you would like a smaller mask for an adult please let me know and I will make the elastic a bit longer.


All masks are made in either 100% cotton or a mix of polyester and cotton. They are secured around the ears with a soft, lycra-free elastic about 5mm wide.
They come in a range of patterns but please be aware that not all are suitable for both large and small sizes because of the direction of the pattern.
I would also be honoured to make you a mask from a favourite fabric of yours or an off-cut from a special outfit to create a matching set.

Abstract - large size only

Abstract - large and small sizes

Natural - large size only

Natural - large and small sizes

Harry Potter - A small selection of fabrics is available for Harry Potter fans, both young and old