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We selectively choose beautiful pieces of period and vintage furniture which were originally created with care and high standards of quality but which, for many reasons, end up unloved and unwanted.  Then we lovingly add charm and personality using paint, vintage material and inset glass and silver.

The new style and design takes inspiration from a variety of sources, based partly on the item's original use and partly on the feelings it engenders in us. 

Some pieces might just need a beautiful coat of paint, others much more. We spend time and care restoring and re-working each piece with creative skill, attention to detail and a lot of passion.

Close-up 3.jpg
No two products are ever the same.

If you desire a bespoke piece of furniture, or have a well-loved item of your own which needs a new lease of life, just
let us know.

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MACINTOSH design corner cabinet

Macintosh 1.jpg

Dainty DRAGONFLY shelving unit 

Dragonfly 1.jpg

PHOEBE peacock feather chest of drawers

Phoebe 10.jpg

BASIL table with inlaid glass leaf

Basil table with inlaid glass leaf
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