Get in touch to discuss how I can design and create brand new artworks or make innovative enhancements to items you already own and love.
Commissioning an artwork is an exciting and multi-faceted process which I look forward to experiencing alongside you. And a specially commissioned piece doesn't have to be expensive. The same work goes into creating a commissioned piece as with any other item I create.

I would be delighted to arrange a visit to my little studio and discuss your vision, requirements and ideas in depth. Alternatively, particularly in the case of furniture or larger projects, I could come to you. Where restrictions apply, this discussion could be through zoom or other media.
There would, of course, be no obligation at this point. I might ask you to supply photographs of a location for the artwork or other elements including colours, styles, shapes, or any other designs you are inspired by.

I will make sure I advise on feasibility and costings in the early stages of any design, including practical considerations for installation or display.

I welcome your involvement in each stage of design, taking your feedback into account regularly and will continue to be led by you to an outcome you love and feel delighted with.
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Rose 5.jpg
Different stages of creation